Burg Dog Antiques & Collectibles

11 SE 500 Rd (Corner of Hwy 13 & County Road SE 500)
Warrensburg, MO                     Consign it, buy it & sell it!

TAKE MY ITEMS SO I CAN HAVE NEW ONES!   That's right friends, you can bring in your items and consign in our store, (if you have more than 10 items we stongly encourage that you rent a booth get into the fun of being your own boss..  The rules are simple:  The items must be yours.  It must be clean and in working order (or specifically state that it does not work).  You will sign an agreement that "Burg Dog" will consign your items for 25% of your sale.  You set the price (we can offer advice), you tell us your bottom dollar and we sell it for you, stiving to get you the best price!  We pay all the advertising.   At the end of 60 days, we ask you to either consider lowering your price, removing your item or donating to the store so that we can continue to find the item a loving home. 

We are sorry for your loss!  You have lost a loved one and don't have the heart to rid of their items.  You have taken the things that are of sentimental value to you and now what don't know what to do with the rest.  We will take that stress off of you and work to get you the best inheritance that we can with our Estate Sale.  We will pick up the items and bring to Burg Dog or we will host the event at the home of your loved one.  We price and do all the selling for you.  We are commited to making this as easy and smooth as possible.  The estate will be responsible for all cost inquired to have a successful Estate Sale (cost such as advertising, hauling, tent if necessary, pricing and clean up).  We will provide the man power of set up, tear down and sell your loved ones valuables.  We will furnish all the tables necessary to display your loved ones belongings.  The fee will be the cost occurred and 25% of the sales.  We want you to be  as comfortable with the process and continue to have great memories  of your loved one. 

WAIT, SO I DON'T HAVE TO HASSLE WITH A GARAGE SALE... YOU WILL DO IT FOR ME?  Yes, the Burg Dog can do that for you, even in the winter months!   You gather and box up your items and our friendly staff will come pick up the items (cost $100 for pickup) and bring to the Burg Dog and host a garage sale of your wonderful belongings.  Our fee of 25% will be deducted from your sales, along with the cost of the advertising in the Daily Star Journal.  You can choose to bring the items to the Burg Dog and we will host the sale for you at a fee of $25 for set up plus 25% and advertising after your sale.  You ask what happens to the leftovers, we will then consign those items into our store for 25% for 60 days and then you can either pick up the items or they become our property. 

OMG!!! PLEASE BRING ME A PRESENT! Free delivery to Warrensburg.   Clinton, Windsor, Sedalia $30; Knob, Centerview $10, Holden, Chilhowee $15.   Our fees for anywhere outside of these areas will be $1 a mile.  We have the right to refuse to deliver and we call ahead of time to ensure that you are there to accept the item. 

Booth Rental - 75 cents a square foot and when your items sell you pay 15% to Burg Dog. You pick the size and location. We are only offering six booth rentals, so hurry in and reserve your place. You stock and maintain your booth. We will do all the advertising and work to sell your items.

Shelf Rental - $25 for big shelf and when your items sell you pay 15% to Burg Dog . You stock and maintain your shelf.