Burg Dog Antiques & Collectibles

11 SE 500 Rd (Corner of Hwy 13 & County Road SE 500)
Warrensburg, MO                     Consign it, buy it & sell it!

Who We Are

 At Burg Dog our business is based on the exchange of valuable items that have endured the decades.  Each item has a story of its own, these items are placed in new homes to reflect the personality of the proud owners.  

We believe items of historical beauty deserve to be preserved to finding such items homes with like-minded enthusiasts.

We are a service involved with the purchase, consignment and sale of a wide variety of items including; antiques and collectibles.  Our inventory includes pieces from all eras of history from antiques to modern times. Items such as: books, furniture, automobiles, and more. The staff at our store is excited to see our refurbished items go to new homes where they will be enjoyed and loved.  We also offer a wide variety of local craft items from talented individuals within our neighborhood. 

For those looking to buy, we will be happy to locate items of interest for you in a non-binding price concept.  At our regularly updated website, you will always find a wide selection of our items for sale.  For those wishing to consign, we will strive to find that perfect new owner by advertising your items on our webpage and more. 

If you have any questions, our experienced staff will be glad to help you, if you contact us at:  

[email protected]

Or stop by and visit at:

11 SE County Rd 500, Warrensburg, MO.